The Whale Inside


” As I say, it is never not beautiful here.” – The Sea Inside ~ Philip Hoare

  • This drawing from “If You Want to See a Whale” by Julie Fogliano stayed with me from the moment I saw it. I was waiting, waiting for something I couldn’t quite fathom. And I tried to stay calm as millions of ideas swirled through my head over the years. Offers from friends to go to Italy and other far- reaching places never felt right. And I remained in the desert and stayed close to the people I loved. A life of adventure was calling to me under the surface but I remained in my daily routine; work, hiking, making dinners, running to dance class, and soccer, spending time with friends. In the past six months I noticed as ideas starting becoming realities. Flights were booked, plans were made, and people I love left our country within a country (Northern New Mexico) for Spain and Ecuador. On Wednesday I will leave my home in the desert for New Zealand. An idea that has been with me for 15 years will come to fruition. And my heart strings are tugged by the beautiful faces, gorgeous spaces, and places I have called my home. But the wait is over and I’m ready for the whale to surface.
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One Response to The Whale Inside

  1. Good luck on your travels!!! We miss you already!😀😢

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