news from the desert

I took a break from this blog for a while. Just wanted to read and read and read and not comment on any of it. Not analyze or pick apart what it all meant. I’ve been trying to do that in my life in general. Let things be. Don’t twist every piece of juicy information until it’s dry and lifeless. And these months have been one surprising moment after another.  I usually have a hard time with the darkness this time of year but I’ve been attempting to read more and make my tiny home a cozy haven. If you need a book to sweep you away, inspire you with recipes for Thanksgiving or something to tug at your heart strings, here are a few that I’ve been loving.

Joan Wickersham’s News from Spain will blow you away with her tremendous story-telling. The ending of the first story in this collection is so sweetly perfect you can’t believe how much you love it.

Allegra Goodman’s Cookbook Collector was given to me by a co-worker. I loved it and passed it along to another friend. A great balance of logic and romance. And my favorite part, an antiquarian bookseller acquires a gorgeous collection of old cookbooks. Pages and pages of food descriptions, flavors and tastes mixed with poetry delighted all my senses. 

The Foothill Cuisine of Blackberry Farm is like a fairy tale in a cookbook. If your fairy tales include fresh farm ingredients cared for and preserved in a traditional way, and displayed in a spectacularly rural setting. My fairy tales often look like this. All the people who work and live at Blackberry Farm contribute to this miracle. If you’re a foodie, a farm to table fanatic, you have to have this one.

And one last oldie but a goodie. I’m reading Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. I often read popular books late in the game. This one is tugging at my heart in the most delightful way. As all my co-workers know I’m a sucker for a good love story. Here’s a little excerpt from one of Ada’s letters to Inman . .

This you must know: that despite your long absence, such is the light in which I view the happy relation existing between us, that I will never conceal a single thought from you. Let such fears not trouble you. Know that I consider it a mutual duty, that we owe to each other, to communicate in a spirit of the utmost frankness and candor. Let it ever be done with unlocked hearts.

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One Response to news from the desert

  1. lesleysking says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Alli. Awesome recommendations! I also really appreciate your prologue: Let it be. Such wisdom.

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