When my life feels less inspiring than I like, I go straight to my cookbooks. There I find an endless supply of ideas, and scenarios, a literal sugar plum fairy dances through my head. All downtrodden thoughts cease to exist and my problems can be solved with the right combination of flavors and colors to entice my senses. La Tartine Gourmande and it’s subtitle Recipes for an Inspired Life, is the french cousin of my plum fairy. Beatrice Peltre’s recipes and photos helps me to imagine my other life sitting at a small table under a tree in the french countryside. And if you, like me, find France just out of reach, there is more than enough inspiration in this brightly colored cookbook to bring all those french foodie fantasies to light.  Here is a little taste of how Beatrice Peltre feels about her life in food,

I am not sure how it all began, this life I have built around food, but I certainly know why.  Chez nous (at home), thinking about food is a family matter, something running deep in our genes.  It seems to have always been this way, occupying a central place in our lives.  

There was the obsession I had for my mother’s large vegetable garden, le jardin, neatly kept at the back of our house; and my aunts’ and grandmothers’ gardens too.  I like to follow them there on summer afternoons, when it was hot and I could walk barefoot in the grass that felt like straw from the hot sun. 


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