spring fling

I’m totally ignoring the snow in the forecast for the coming week and embracing the spring weather that has lifted the fog of winter blues. I savor this time of year, the slow emerging of life in small plants and flowers bursting through the ground, and the general cheery, flirty attitude that floats around. I was reminded of a book that I read while nursing a terrible cold post holiday season. Simon Van Booy’s The Secret Lives of People in Love, is a collection of short stories, totaling 19 in all, they are very short but each one beautiful and moving in it’s own way. With titles like, “The Reappearance of Strawberries” and “The World Laughs in Flowers” Van Booy’s stories stayed with me long after my cold had disappeared. Last week I started, Everything Beautiful Began After a novel where three young people find themselves searching for answers to life and love during one summer in Athens. Here’s some little gems that I captured from the Secret Lives,

I wonder if things can happen too early or too late or if everything happens at exactly the right time. If so, how sad and beautiful.

Children spend the mornings of their lives in a sea of imagination before being hauled out onto the rocks by jealous adults who’ve forgotten how to swim.

And Van Booy’s comments on writing . .

Finding your voice as a writer is like finding someone to devote yourself to forever. Writing in my voice allows me to untie emotional knots. Finding my voice was the second most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. . . . That was how I found my voice – by writing my way into it.

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