beach bum

My childhood vacations to Cape Cod started with a book in the car. I would read the entire four hours looking up occasionally when we passed the giant bug in Providence, the Bourne Bridge and the changing of the landscape. I would proceed to read my way through the whole week, all set to the background of the ocean, pine trees, low tide, and seafood. I’m taking a similar vacation next week, reading my way through a week spent by Caribbean waters. And, as I used to, I deliberated over what to take with me. Not being a fan of the kindle or any type of e-reader, I’m packing the real things in my suitcase. The list was long, I get overly ambitious at times, and decided to narrow it down to some sort of realistic situation. And along with the March issue of Vanity Fair, here’s what I’m taking:

Because of Dominque Browning’s article in the Sunday Times about airplane reading.

Because I have to have one foodie book with me.








Because who hasn’t dreamed of reading Austen again for the first time?

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  1. Don’t forget to look up and enjoy the Caribbean blue waters 🙂 so happy for you

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