fall nights

In the past few months I’ve gone silent, not only on this blog but in lots of my relationships as well. This time has been leading up to some much-needed change. I actually love change.  In my younger years I was a notorious pot-stirrer, antagonizer, and pusher of limits. My changes now come quietly as I listen to them and let them tell me what is coming next. Those answers don’t always come clearly or cleanly and I’ve been fumbling in the dark for a bit. But last night a friend helped to shed some light and I’m starting to see my way ahead. As we come to a close on the year 2011 I like to take stock on the year that’s passed and the one facing me anew.  Moving into the darkest time of the year, I’m looking to the light inside me to lead the way.  And I hope that the spirit of joy and giving during this season finds a warm place within your heart.

If you need some gift ideas here’s a few suggestions for the book lovers in your life.  I’ve been savoring and devouring smaller books lately.  Here are three that I’m raving about,

Siri Hustvedt’s The Summer Without Men is about a poetry professor on the mend.  She has suffered a nervous breakdown after her husband requests a “pause” in their marriage. Breaking down and breaking thru have never been so poetic.

“There are times when the fragility of all living things is so apparent that one begins to wait for a shock, a fall, or a break at any moment.  I had been in this state since Boris left me and my nerves exploded  – no, earlier than that, since Stefan’s suicide.  There is no future without a past because what is to be cannot be imagined except as a form of repetition.  I had begun to expect calamities.”

And I’m going to throw in my hat with all the other publications raving about these two books.  All I have to say is please read these.  Joan Didion and Julian Barnes write painful and beautiful truths about the lives we lead.



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