A couple weeks ago I received some disappointing news. I was home sulking when a friend invited me over to his house. He has a working oven, unlike myself, and I offered to make us some food to shake off my sluggish attitude. He has been making an open-faced sandwich for years that includes, pumpernickel bread, pesto, cheese and tomato slices, and I suggested we top it all off with a fried egg. Eggs, in my opinion make everything better, their bright yolky color and comforting protein nourish the stomach as well as the spirit. This particular egg felt like a miracle meal transporting me out of my melancholy and right into being grateful for the guidance of the universe. Which is exactly how I felt when I stumbled upon Modernist Cuisine at a new friend’s house on Cape Cod, many miles away from my desert home. A handful of co-workers and I have been coveting this five volume monstrosity since it came out this spring. Up close and personal it as beautiful and chock full of information as I had imagined. Here’s a little bit about eggs from master Nathan Myhrvold,

Inspired by Passard’s egg we present a version that tips toward the classic American breakfast of fried eggs and bacon. Instead of crème fraiche, we blend cream and fried egg white to a fine puree, then whip it into a foam. Smoked syrup hints at the woodsy flavor of bacon. And, because not everyone has Passard’s sense for when a warm water bath is heated just right, we’ve provided the temperature that yields a perfect pudding texture every time.

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