are you vata

Last fall I jumped on the Ayurvedic bandwagon. It was like discovering a new language, as if I had always known how to speak French and only now possessed the ability to verbalize it. My body spoke for me in ways I had previously known but was unaware of. I learned why my love of apples is good for me and why I have an aversion to almonds and cashews. My first introduction to ayurveda started with, Essential Ayurveda by Shubhra Krishan.  Here she gives some advice on summer time health,

The humid, intensity of summer makes it pitta season. At this time of the year, the heat can make us more prone to irritability and temper outbursts. This is when pitta-related skin and digestion problems (acne, heat rashes, acidity, heartburn) flare up, too. Even kapha-vata types can suffer from heat rashes, dry sin, and excessive thirst in summer. Once you understand this summer-pitta link, it becomes both important and easy to find ways to beat the heat.

Eat as many sweet, ripe, juicy fruits as you can between July and October: apples, pears, melons, and mangoes. Their cooling nectar keep the body hydrated and happy.

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