solstice mythology

How does one find more freedom? I keep asking myself this question, and end up getting caught up in all the possible answers. Does it mean less work and more free time, more work, more money, and the ability to see more, do more? Is it that less is more or is more really more? In my struggle to answer this question for myself I borrowed a copy of The Myth of Freedom while house sitting for a friend. My myth of freedom lives in the fear that if I chose one thing all the other choices go away. So by staying essentially free from making a choice all the options are always available to me. Some have told me that that’s no choice at all. Today is my favorite day of the year, the summer solstice. The entire summer is awaiting, all those days spread out before you, and who doesn’t like the feeling of endless possibilities? What I’m attempting to learn is that this way of being isn’t necessarily good or bad. Here’s what Chogyam Trungpa has to say about spirituality,

Generally when the idea of ego is presented, the immediate reaction on the part of the audience is to regard it as a villain, an enemy. You feel you must destroy this ego, this me, which is a masochistic and suicidal approach. People tend to think this way because, usually when we speak of spirituality, we tend to think that we are fighting the bad; we are good, spirituality is the ultimate good, the epitome of good, and the other side is bad. But true spirituality is not a battle; it is the ultimate practice of non-violence. We are not regarding any part of us as being a villain, an enemy, but we are tying to use everything as a part of the natural process of life. . . If there were no confusion, there would be no wisdom.

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