dad is great

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday I thought I’d do a little taste of the fictional fathers that I love. For me, Dad’s are the fun ones. I think if I could be a Dad the idea of children might hold a greater appeal. Dad’s serve chocolate cake for breakfast, never cook vegetables, let you stay ten minutes longer on the swings, don’t make you comb your hair and tell your Mom playing pac-man is good for hand-eye coordination.  Even with the fun my Dad would never let me win in Monopoly. I would be mortgaged out to my last sad white dollar bill and he would try to cut me a deal. My mother would scold and he would say, it’s a learning lesson. Day one of Dad’s starts with Richard Russo’s Straight Man. One of the funniest fathers in literary history lives in Russo’s invention of William Henry Devereaux Jr. His professorial antics, sarcasm and general bumbling nature totally won me over. Here’s a little scene about competitive tennis with his daughter Julie,

“I noticed the tennis courts are nearly dry,” Julie remarks. She and I play hard, competitive tennis throughout the summer and as far into the fall as weather permits. She’s got age and talent on her side, along with a sweet, two handed backstroke, and she would beat me easily if she could keep her concentration. I am the reason she can’t keep her concentration. Part of my game – the only good part, according to Julie – is gamesmanship. She hates to be talked to during a match, so I find all sorts of things to discuss with her. I keep this up until she screams, “Shut up, damn it” a sign that her concentration is shot and that it’s okay for me to just play . .“Watch out for the old man this year,” I warn my daughter. “My hamstrings healed. I’m already up to two miles a day.”

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One Response to dad is great

  1. Teresa says:

    Happy Fathers Day to all the funny Dads who let them be, and to those who didnt because they didnt know they could ❤

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