bird watching

On my recent trip home my mom invited me to visit her second grade class. I love going to visit her kids, it’s always exciting for them to meet their teacher’s daughter and I feel like a rock star for an hour and a half. During my time with them I got to see a couple reports they did on “someone famous” and I read a chapter or two from one of my favorite books, The Secret Garden. My mom would stop and ask them questions every couple pages and to see the excitement in their little faces was so much fun for me. Waving their hands in the air, standing up and nearly bursting with the need to answer the question they reminded me of how I came to fall in love with reading. After the reading we did a lesson on birds. They were firmly instructed to be very very quiet.  We went outside to sit, listen and look for different types of birds. To watch twenty seven-year olds attempt to be quiet, look and listen and then when they couldn’t hold it in any longer run up to us and report that indeed they had found a bird’s nest in a tree made my whole day. Thank you second grade at St. Dominic’s School for making my trip home so sweet. Here’s a favorite excerpt of mine from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden.

She looked at the key quite a long time. She turned it over and over, and thought about it. As I have said before, she was not a child who had trained to ask permission or consult her elders about things. All she thought about the key was that if it was the key to the closed garden, and she could find out where the door was, she could perhaps open it and see what was inside the walls, and what had happened to the old rose-trees. It was because it had been shut up so long that she wanted to see it. It seemed as if it must be different from other places and that something strange must have happened to it during ten years. Besides that, if she liked it she could go into it every day and shut the door behind her, and she could make up some play of her own and play it quite alone, because nobody would ever know where she was, but would think the door was still locked and the key buried in the earth. The thought of that pleased her very much.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Alli thanks for visiting my world!! I loved reading about it through your eyes. My class loved you and enjoyed your visit! Thanks for reading the Secret Garden to the class. It’s such a great children’s book. One of my favorites!

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