wedding crasher

I watched Eat Pray Love last week, (again) and Richard from Texas says to Liz while they’re at an Indian wedding, “funny thing about weddings you end up thinking about yourself.” My cousin is getting married later this week and I am flying home for the occasion. And of course it’s making me think of myself. Coming home to friends and family is always wonderful and stressful at the same time. Thinking about my own stress, I had a moment and thought of the bride-to-be, in these last few days before the big day. The excitement, the worry, the love, the overall overload that a wedding is becomes enough to push any person past their limits. And I stopped, took a moment to separate myself from my own stress, the stress that will be in the air when I go home and enjoy this moment of being here in my own home drinking a cup of tea. I’ve been reading The Heart of the Buddha by Chogyam Trungpa and sitting with this heartfelt wisdom. In a chapter entitled, Manifesting Englightenment he says,

Beyond sitting meditation itself, we begin to expand our experience of softness and mindfulness to other activities, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning and any activities that we do. We begin to find that things are workable rather than hassles or problems. We find that life is worth living . . . We can conduct ourselves mindfully and appreciate the phenomenal world. We can realize that the hassles in our lives are not created by others; rather, we create these hassles for ourselves. Therefore, we can remove them and appreciate our world. I would suggest to everybody; let us be aware of our being, let us celebrate as we experience our lives, and smile at least three times a day.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Three times is asking a lot on some days 🙂

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