I have found myself living in a place without an oven/stove top.  This means many things, but mainly, no baking and no real entertaining. How can a girl be a good hostess in only one room? A much-needed quiet time in my life is prevailing and instead I day dream about baking and throwing summer time parties.  I’ve been reading cookbooks to gain ideas for the future. And reading fun light novels that are just right for sitting in the sun or a shady spot. Last summer a friend gave me, Paris Trance by Geoff Dyer because it was re-released with a gorgeous new cover and because he knows of my severe crush on Dyer. If you’re in the mood for a European affair look no further.  This book has all the advantages and disappointments of a foreign fling without having to spend the cash or wear and tear on your heart strings. Here’s a little excerpt while prepping for a dinner party,

Although the dinner was at Nicole’s apartment it was Luke who was doing the cooking. He was peeling, boiling, chopping and frying when first Alex and then Sahra arrived. Nicole was laying the table. Music was already playing loud. This, claimed Luke, was one of the secrets of the successful dinner: no background music but, from the start, pounding music at a volume that meant the door-bell could only be heard in the breaks between the tracks. The other secret was to get everyone high and drunk as soon as possible. The final secret was that the first two weren’t secrets at all, that people knew exactly what they were in for, so that there was no question of people arriving for an evening of chatting and eating rather than a fully-fledged head bang. It worked. Even Miles – who arrived with three bottles of red wine but without his wife – claimed that the previous night he had deliberately stayed in (unusual), drunk nothing (unbelievable) and gone to bed early (unheard of) so that he could be on top form for this evening.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I think I need to read this book!
    Looks ideal for moi! 🙂

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