A handful of years ago there was a sweet chapter book that came out called The Penderwicks. At the time I was working at a small independent store in a little house across from the ocean. I spent one Saturday afternoon reading and absolutely falling in love with the Penderwick sisters. They have been compared to the March sisters in Little Women and are giving a new generation of young readers a dose of sweet, genteel stories about girls.  The newest Penderwick, Penderwicks at Point Mouette doesn’t disappoint either.  I’ve been on a bit of a girl kick lately. I’m reading the newest installment of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. According to the back of the book it has been ten years since the first one came out. It makes me feel a little old, so thankfully the sisterhood has aged right along with me, now in their late 20’s. Sisterhood Everlasting is holding it’s own and proving that aging can be graceful without a bite from a vampire. Here’s a little excerpt to get you in the mood for it’s drop date in June.

A few months before, Effie had declared, having already broken two engagements (and sold two rings on eBay), that if you were almost thirty years old you should not be in a relationship with a guy that you didn’t at least think you could marry. Lena wasn’t sure Drew met that qualification. No, if she was honest, she did know. Drew was considerate and smart. His eyes were a lovely pale blue and he liked most of the things she liked. But she wasn’t going to marry him. She knew that, and it didn’t put her in any hurry to break up with him. Truthfully, it was kind of a relief not to have to be spinning into the marriage vortex.

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