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I’ve been reading Jorie Graham’s Sea Change lately, picking it up, marveling at a sentence or two and putting it back down. The power and truth in its words makes me wonder if I’m feeling a sea change coming. In “Positive Feedback Loop” Graham states, you know not what/you/are entering, a time/beyond belief. A feeling of foreboding or positive change? I’ve been in that mix lately. I’m comfortable with change. It’s those moments before the change when you can feel it coming, but not sure in what camp it’s headed. It seems, every change has it’s positive and negative aspects. Yesterday was a warm almost hot, summer-like Sunday, and today the winds blew in a gorgeous grey blanket of clouds that made each green leaf pop. If I can learn to see each change whether it’s shifting clouds or shifting continents as a necessary positive change than I may begin to understand the sea changes that happen within and without. Here’s the beginning of Graham’s Sea Change,

Sea Change

One day: stronger wind than anyone expected. Stronger than
ever before in the recording
of such. Un-

natural says the news. Also the body says it. Which part of the body – I look
down, can
feel it, yes, don’t know
where. Also submerging us,

making of the fields, the trees, a cast of characters in an
drama, ordained, iron-gloom of low light, everything at once undoing
itself. Also sustained, as in a hatred of
a thought, or a vanity that comes upon one out of
nowhere & makes
one feel the mischief in the faithfulness to an

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One Response to see change

  1. Teresa says:

    The winds of change are blowing and we are lucky to have our eyes open ……

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