wheres waldo

The travel bug is biting again and I keep dreaming of Caribbean seas, English hamlets, Tuscan hills, and Japanese gardens.  But, I’ve been attempting to ignore this particular bug.  Like the dirt and tumbleweeds that have been blowing across the road in our spring time sand storms, I’m afraid I’ll be swept up in the fray. This past weekend I was talking to a friend back east and we were dreaming about her visiting me in my desert town. I said, “Maybe you can come in a few years when the kids are grown.” And she replied, “You really think you’re gonna be there in three years? I’ve given up playing where’s waldo with you.” I want to believe that I’m able to stop and slow down. But sometimes it feels as if the universe has other plans. I caught myself checking out, 100 Greatest Trips by Travel and Leisure, the other day. My adopted home is featured in it as well as the Langhe a region in Italy that seems to have the best Barolo. Here’s what the editors of T&L have to say about it,

For centuries, the undulating, vine-covered hills of the Langhe, a strip in the southern Piedmont region, existed as a place out of time. Nobody came, almost nobody left. Pio Cesare, a vineyard owner explains, “A real Barolo, it requires time to understand it, but when you do you can’t live without it. It conquers you sip by sip.”

I’ve been conquered by wine before but that sounds like a most elegant experience.  Here’s to a dream filled Friday wondering where your next adventure might take you . . whether it’s around the corner or around the globe.

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2 Responses to wheres waldo

  1. Teresa says:

    Mine is taking me to Santa Fe and I am counting the days! Can you imagine?!!! SEE you soon. ❤

  2. Erin says:

    Hmmm…Jess? Who cares where you are in 3 years-as long as you’re in a happy place!

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