free to be

I read Walden Two by B.F. Skinner many years ago for a class in college. It’s about a modern utopia, a place where all people live productive and creative lives. We argued about it in class, but secretly I didn’t want to see any of the loop holes or problems that may occur in a society such as this. I wanted to believe that if we strung together all the good things, only beautiful moments that life would forever be a wonderful experience. Maybe that’s why I’m reading Seeking the Heart of Wisdom by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield. This book is about the path of insight meditation. It may not result in a utopian society but there is the potential that I may feel like I live in one. Here is a bit of what Goldstein and Kornfield have to say about the fourth level of practice, being,

To come to this we must accept paradox. As T.S. Eliot beseeches, “Teach us to care and not to care.” In meditation we learn to care with a full-hearted attention, a true caring for each moment. Yet we also learn to let go. We do not separate out only those experiences we enjoy, but cultivate a sense of harmony, opening constantly to the truth within us and connecting with all life.

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  1. Teresa says:

    I think meditation is the key to save the world, alond with a Vegetable based diet of course 🙂 Over time, its is having a major impact on my life, even in the tender and what felt like “unhealable” areas. The truth within….makes me smile.

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