silverware & tangerines

When I was younger I thought I lived in a magazine, and I don’t believe I was alone in this thinking. My childhood home was beautiful, and to be honest I hated it. I didn’t hate the house, or my room (my sanctuary) but the idea of something being perfect. The idea that an image from Better Homes & Gardens was a life, not a moment, a perfectly stylized captured moment. But I have found myself with a friend who lives in a similar way. Although it’s not BH&G, it’s an all together different type of style and I adore it. I love every well placed object and ray of light that shines perfectly  upon plants and pictures. And what I find myself appreciating are all the things that I had hated when I was younger. Good lighting, beautiful curtains, well placed furniture and the function of a silverware drawer become things to delight in instead of cringe over. They bring beauty and comfort into everyday life. I also feel this way about Joshua Beckman’s book of poetry, Take It. His words are beautiful and well placed and bring beauty into an otherwise ordinary day. Here is the beginning of “My square rock is a piece of art,”

My square rock is a piece of art.  I put

it on the sill like it itself is a sill

and then put something on top of it so that

it may be alone, like a tangerine on some

thing which is bright and attracts attention

and may even be taken and eaten and yet still

is somehow able to be.

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