my granny

A favorite childhood memory of mine is captured in a picture of my brother and I. He is wearing a red sweater and a white turtleneck and I am wearing a cream colored sweater and a red turtleneck, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way we look completely ridiculous and perfectly capture the 80’s preppy look my mother was going for. We were going to pick apples for the afternoon and apparently had to dress the part. He and I didn’t know the difference and at the time didn’t care. We spent the afternoon filling our baskets, eating apple donuts, drinking cider, and in my revisionist history, dirtying the hell out of those preppy outfits. Growing up in Connecticut solidified my love of apples, apple picking and embracing the autumn before the harsh winter began. My favorites are granny smiths. That harsh crunch and burst of tart flavor fill me with delight every time I have one. That’s why I also love My Favorite Ingredients by Skye Gyngell. The cover is so lovely with a real red apple simply placed on what I imagine is a wooden countertop. Cookbooks are a love of mine and this one is no exception. The layout is beautiful and the idea is simply perfection. Skye lists her favorite ingredients and the recipes she most enjoys making with each. When it comes to apples she says,

A good apple is full of character and its mere appearance can make you smile. I love the individual characteristics and particular colors of apples. Their imperfections are to be embraced and enjoyed. Of all varieties it is crisp tart apples that I use most frequently in salads and desserts, including baking.

A girl after my own heart, someone who sees apples like she sees people and includes them in all that she does.

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