orange you glad

I have two citrus trees, one meyer lemon and one miniature orange, that have been with me for many miles and a few chapters of my life. They have been a constant in my crazy adult life. And the simplicity of their white blossoms springing forth makes me appreciate the small miracles of life, seasons, and that with a little water and love something will grow. Which is why I also love an odd little book titled, Oranges by John McPhee. McPhee gives tons of little factoids and anecdotes about the history of oranges and it’s journey from grove to market to concentrate. Published in 1966 I have no doubt that the orange business has changed tremendously. What I really love about it is his little moments outside getting the feel for the lifestyle,

“The groves, in absolute contrast, are both beautiful and quiet, at moments eerie. I retreated into them as often as I could. To someone who is alone in the groves, they can seem to be a vacant city, miles wide and miles long.”

One of my favorite factoids comes in the preface,

“Citrus does not come true from seed. If you plant an orange seed, a grapefruit might spring up. If you plant a seed of that grapefruit, you might get a bitter lemon.”

I like the idea of seeds taking a different form or make-up and like people they create their own life as that form.

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One Response to orange you glad

  1. Teresa Weybrew says:

    Nice piece. 🙂
    Whenever I see Clementines I think of you….I just juiced about 15 pieces of citrus we got from the farm that were not going to last much longer. Added my Kale…and voila ….a health cocktail.

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