hold on

A friend of mine and I were talking about memory and being in the present moment. He lamented that he tends to reminisce and live in the past. My problem I find is that I live in the great memories of my past and the brilliant potential of the future. I am trying harder and harder to stay in the present moment where worry, burden, and even happiness can not be held so tightly. Each moment dissolves into the next where I find my habit of holding on too tightly let’s go of its grasp. When I do stay in the moment I find myself wondering why don’t I do this all the time? It feels very nearly painless. W.S. Merwin in his Pulitzer Prize winning book of poetry, Shadow of Sirius seems to address this in his poem, “One of the Butterflies“.

One of the Butterflies

The trouble with pleasure is the timing
it can overtake me without warning
and be gone before I know it is here
it can stand facing me unrecognized
while I am remembering somewhere else
in another age or someone not seen
for years and never to be seen again
in this world and it seems that I cherish
only now a joy I was not aware of
when it was here although it remains
out of reach and will not be caught or named
or called back and if I could make it stay
as I want to it would turn into pain

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One Response to hold on

  1. Teresa says:

    The butterfly….never lands for very long

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