A crumpled tablecloth

I started my morning with an inner eye mediation today. For six minutes I focused on the space in between my eyebrows. In the Indian tradition it means the eye of knowledge, and welcomes the ability to commune with the teacher inside. Today was a difficult meditation day. I had a little caffeine in me and that inner chatter box was ready to tell me all it had to say. Lots of stories, lots of questions, and lots of how you gonnas kept coming up. The one blaring question, how can you commune with your inner teacher when you can’t shut up? Trying to ignore all these voices I probably found about twenty seconds of inner wisdom. And what came to mind was one of my favorite poems. A friend of mine introduced me to Zbigniew Herbert a few years ago and I immediately fell in love, with both the friend and this Polish poet. In his book Zbigniew Herbert The Collected Poems 1956-1998 there is a poem entitled, “The Study of the Object”. My favorite part says,

from the stern reveries of the inner eye
a chair

beautiful and useless
like a cathedral in the wilderness

place on the chair
a crumpled tablecloth
add to the idea of order
the idea of adventure

let it be a confession of faith
before the vertical struggling with the horizontal

let it be
quieter than angels
prouder than kings
more substantial than a whale
let it have the face of the last things

Now I can’t begin to analyze or even completely understand this poem. But what I love is the line that says add to the idea of order/the idea of adventure. I can’t make my meditations or my life orderly but what I can bring to both is a sense of adventure. And maybe whatever I find there will lead me closer to my faith and my own inner teacher.

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